Independents play an important role in keeping the two major parties to reasonable actions when they have to negotiate to achieve there survival. Voting INDEPENDENT = ACCOUNTABILITY.

An independent is a genuine voice for the community that is not dictated to by the major parties who appear to be driven by unions, big business and self interest.

My position is as follows:


  • Independent oversight body to properly address corruption without interference. The CCC are simply a government puppet.
  • Placing those in government under scrutiny by asking the hard questions and challenging the status quo with conviction. A Senator is well positioned to challenge heads of government and seek answers.
  • Reduction to cost of living including high energy prices, fuel prices.
  • Second highway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast including upgrade of the Robina bottleneck to Tugun.
  • Saving our Spit.
  • Affordable child care.
  • The regulation of medicinal cannabis for our sick and in-firmed.
  • Supporting our tourist industry and the promotion of this great state.
  • Supporting our farmers and buying local.
  • Support for our elderly, by bearing the heat and burden of the day for which they should be exempt and to assist them in times of need.


  • Development of key crown land.
  • Lockout Laws that affect tourism and businesses.
  • Curfews for our youth, they should be engaged not isolated.